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Rough N Tuff- Boot Jack

Rough N Tuff- Boot Jack


Rough N Tuff- Boot Jack

Ready for hard use, the base of this boot jack has a rough n tuff, weathered look. 

Commonly known as a simulated live edge texture

✔ YOUR CUSTOM - ONE OF A KIND - BOOT JACK – The lost art of steam bending is used to hand craft these beautiful boot jacks. Premium leather with handpicked pieces of quarter sawn oak come together to build your custom boot jack.

✔ OUR QUALITY – Our handmade boot jacks are all made from premium leathers and handpicked pieces of quarter sawn oak.  Leather lined yoke protects your best boots from getting damaged when removing.  Premium genuine buttery soft leather hand applied in unique designs.

 ✔ A COLLECTORS PIECE – Striking addition to your art collection with this rare and unique piece. Complementary to your décor, prominent piece for any room in the house where boots are removed. You’ll love this high-end collector’s item to display at your front door

 ✔ BEAUTIFUL – Have your one-of-a-kind piece of art on display or put it to use.  You’ll be sure to amaze your friends with this boot jack!    

✔ LIFETIME WARRANTEY– Love it or we will buy it back from you, no questions asked!


The perfect accessory for your footwear!  We want you to have something unique that attracts attention and works to perfection. One of a kind, handmade, work of art!

Our bootjack comes in a quality and style that is unavailable from competing products.

·         Functional for all boots, all sizes.  Cowboy’s boots, work boots, hunting boots, women’s fashion boots, mucks, military boots, snow boots. Etc.

·         Steam bending is a woodworking technique where strips of wood are steam heated using a steam box. The applied heat and moisture make the wood pliable enough to bend around a mold to create a specific shape. The molding process is usually done by clamping the strips of wood to a positive form, with the strips of wood reinforced on the outside to prevent them from moving until they are dry.  Our boot jacks are left in the forms for four to six weeks to dry, once dry they will retain their shape Then the long process begins of sanding, staining, applying the finish and leather.

·         A boot jack consists of a U-shaped mouth that grips the heel of the boot, and a flat area to which weight can be applied.  To operate it, the user places the heel of the boot in the u-shaped part of the jack, stands on the back of the device with the other foot, and pulls his foot free of the front boot.  The process is then repeated to remove the other boot.

·         Easy to use for people of all ages, kids to elderly, very user friendly.  Sometimes removing your boots can be a difficult task, no longer with this amazing boot jack.  By allowing the wearer to pull his boot straight up and out of boot, and by using his full body weight to hold the boot in place far greater leverage and a much more secure grip are possible than can be achieved with the hands.  In addition, the wearer is spared the inconvenience of having to bend over or sit down to remove the boots, or directly handle them if they are dirty.

·         Not only beautiful work of art, but functional as well. Contact us for customization options- Initials , Brands, Company Logo etc.  Engraved directly in the wood. Product appearance may vary slightly due to natural variations in wood grain. Money back guarantee if not fully satisfied.  Patented Design - Patient Number  D617.532S   June 10, 2010


·         Lifetime Warrantey– Like we said, you’ll love it or we’ll buy it back.  No questions asked!


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