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Black Jack Boot Jack With Camo Neoprene Sleeves

Black Jack Boot Jack With Camo Neoprene Sleeves


Military Boot Jack – Camo Neoprene Sleeves - Removes Military dress boots and shoes – bootjack by Bootjacks.com

✔ YOUR PERFECT MILITARY BOOT JACK – Our boot jack was specifically designed to fit all your boot and shoe removal needs.  From kid’s muddy shoes to Grandpa’s old boots, whether you want to keep your hands clean or need help for a bad back, the Black Jack is the perfect tool.

✔ OUR QUALITY – Our boot jack is made from durable composite fiberglass, so the Black Jack is extremely durable and lightweight. 

 ✔ THE IDEAL FOR MILITARY FOOTWEAR – Keep your spit-shine on Military Boots and Shoes with the Cam Neoprene Sleeves.  Works great for all Military footwear.

 ✔ FUN – The Black Jacks unique design will catch the eye of your guests.  “What in the world is that?” Have fun showing it off!

✔ LIFETIME WARRANTY – Love it or we will buy it back from you, no questions asked!


The perfect accessory for your footwear!  We want you to have something unique that attracts attention and works to perfection. YouTube “Black Jack Boot Jack” for demonstration video.

Our bootjack comes in a quality and style that is unavailable from competing products.

·         Patented composite boot jack that fits all sizes of footwear.  Prevents back strain and keeps your hands clean.  Keeps your shine on your boots and dress shoes with no scuffing.

·         Extremely durable and lightweight makes your Black Jack easy to use and easy to pack.

·         Tapered and designed to fits all sizes of boots and shoes and ease of use make your boot jack extremely handy.

·         Your Black Jack is fun to use with its eye-catching design, kids and company will enjoy taking their shoes off while keeping your house clean.

·         MADE IN THE USA

·         Lifetime Warranty – Like we said, you’ll love it or we’ll buy it back.  No questions asked!

 Have the perfect accessory for all your Military footwear, easy to use with its unique design.Click “Add to Cart” right now and order your

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