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“Excalibur” Boot Jack

“Excalibur” Boot Jack


 “Excalibur”  Boot Jack

 The lost art of steam bending wood is used to handcraft this unique and stunning boot jacks.  Hand selected oak stained a rich black,  accented with premium buttery soft metallic grey leather and  decorative  crystal nails. Leather lined yoke prevents scuff marks on boots.  This is a real show stopper!

This boot jack is part of our “Las Vegas Collection”  see more styles on line.




✔ YOUR CUSTOM BOOT JACK –  with handpicked pieces of quarter sawn oak come together to build your custom boot jack.

✔ OUR QUALITY – Our handmade boot jacks are all made from premium leathers and handpicked pieces of quarter sawn oak.  Leather lined yoke protects your best boots from getting damaged when removing.  Premium genuine buttery soft leather hand applied in unique designs.

 ✔ A COLLECTORS PIECE – Striking addition to your art collection with this rare and unique piece. Complementary to your décor, prominent piece for any room in the house where boots are removed. You’ll love this high-end collector’s item to display at your front door

 ✔ BEAUTIFUL – Have your one-of-a-kind piece of art on display or put it to use.  You’ll be sure to amaze your friends with this boot jack!    

✔ LIFETIME WARRANTY– Love it or we will buy it back from you, no questions asked!

·         Functional for all boots, all sizes.  Cowboy’s boots, work boots, hunting boots, women’s fashion boots, mucks, military boots, snow boots. Etc.

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